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Server CS 1.6 32 Slots 12 E / Server CS GO (15-25 E)
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10Eper month/ 20E-3 months / 30E 6 months- Donatiile voastre ajuta la intretinerea comunitatii.
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Pentru ca ne dorim cu interes sa ajutam la dezvoltarea serverelor de CS 1.6 din comunitatea noastra, am incheiat un parteneriat cu WEST-BOOST.RO, prin care oferim reduceri exclusive la boost.
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Champion Rotation 25 August-1 Septembrie

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Urmatorii campioni se vor putea juca free  in data de 25August-1 Septembrie"

Azir OriginalCircleAzir


Brand OriginalCircleBrand

Dr. Mundo OriginalCircleDr.Mundo

Gangplank OriginalCircleGangplank

Hecarim OriginalCircleHecarim

Heimerdinger OriginalCircleHeimerdinger

Jhin OriginalCircleJhin

Kalista OriginalCircleKalista

Karma OriginalCircleKarma

Lee Sin OriginalCircleLee Sin

Lissandra OriginalCircleLissandra

Olaf OriginalCircleOlaf

Orianna OriginalCircleOrianna

Wukong OriginalCircleWukong

Zyra OriginalCircleZyra

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