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[ARENA] ->Cerere Acceptata

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Nick  BVV 
pTNl4CC.pngVărstă  34 years
pTNl4CC.pngSteam/Discord https://steamcommunity.com/id/engezgw/
pTNl4CC.pngCuvântul cheie din regulament   ARENATOPONE
pTNl4CC.pngOre jucate pe server (click)   GameTracker.com : Player Page for BVV
pTNl4CC.pngDe unde ai auzit de serverul nostru ?  Fin Server 
pTNl4CC.pngAi experienta in AMX MODX (ani/luni) ? 5 years
pTNl4CC.pngPoti ajuta financiar  (da/nu) ? yes when i take sallary from work

pTNl4CC.pngCat esti pe server, poti sa fii si pe TeamSpeak? (OBLIGATORIU)
pTNl4CC.pngIntervalul de activitate ?: 4-5 hours everyday 

About me   Hi my name is BVV and i m from Macedonia and i like very mutch this server xD i play night time and sometimes morning when i can sometimes 10 hours . i can help Arena i like this server

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i have my friends and play togheter in this server i invite my friends from my steam . I like this server 👍

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