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Unban Bot C Bunny

Bot C BuNNy

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Nick : Bot C | BuNny
The name of the admin who banned you : arrow
Reason : i have no clue
Proof (snapshot in the console / demo ) :

Test war gods  

Hi arrow , i was banned and i have no idea why , you should at least have the courtesy to tell me to do a test or something because i will do any test you want .
i was playing on steam and i had absolutely no cheats on , i dont know why you think i was cheating because its impossible .
if you wanted to remove me from being an admin , i'm okay with that i can be a normal player but please unban because i had no cheats and i'm really sad because i was banned without notice or proof .

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  • Administrators

I banned you for "psay with another player, you gave him an ip from other sv" , remember that I see everything in the logs. Go play on your server, you know where.. 5. ....‎

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