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  1. HELLO, at this moment the server has no players or rarely (a couple of hours a week), I don't have the time to deal with it, so I don't see a valid reason to give you access as admin, in the next months the server will come back to the top and we'll see, I can suggest you to make an admin request for this server ( Admin Request - Intrusii Community) , there are many players (if you like respawn), play at least 20 hours to apply. Have nice day !
  2. Cererea a fost acceptată
  3. Very nice, you are talented.
  4. Done ! Parola de la arhiva ti-o trimit prin PM, daca ai nevoie de ceva scrie aici.
  5. N-am zis ca arata aici, te-am vazut personal pe sv, inceteaza sa mai faci cereri ramai banat, BA.
  6. E clar unde joci deobicei se vede in consola, apropo joci cu aim si ai curaj sa vii cu cerere unban...LOL
  7. arrow


    maybe for lag... unbanned !
  8. I don't believe you, your steam id was different...
  9. Come on teamspeak and we will see
  10. arrow

    Taju VIP Request

    Ok, come on teamspeak for check :)) TS.INTRUSII.RO
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