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  1. I banned you for "psay with another player, you gave him an ip from other sv" , remember that I see everything in the logs. Go play on your server, you know where.. 5. ....‎
  2. You was checked by Bot Bunny (with ss) but now the server banned you (aim), yes the web site of wg is down.. so i can't help you...
  3. Unbanned ! Nu e pe sv, dar din moment ce nu ti-a cerut wg sau ss ti-am dat unban, vb cu el cand intra...
  4. Am mutat cererea unde trebuie (ai facut-o la cs, alt sv) , vb imd cu Monster si vedem...
  5. Respins ! Ai admin pe alt sv... si grad pe ts pe alta comm.
  6. Are you kidding me? , the ban remains
  7. make wargods test Download | WarGods Cheat Defender , download and scan, after give me the link, make it with counter strike open
  8. Respins, ramai ca player daca doresti, e vip free pentru toti. Seara faina !
  9. Cica ai uitat sa faci screen, deci practic nu stiu cine esti, nu ai venit cu info , ai venit sa scrii multe si sa te plangi, nu vreau sa te vad pe sv la mine, mai ales valver, ramai banat, sunt si alte sv pe comm... BYE.
  10. :)))))))))))))))) nu exista admin la noi cu numele respectiv, orisicum te-am banat eu, daca faci glume proaste....
  11. ai un model cerere unban, fa si un wg daca tot ai venit pe aici Download | WarGods Cheat Defender
  12. Putine voturi... dar a castigat CS.INTRUSII.RO ! @SeNzoR @MaNy
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